Fabian Chyle-Silvestri

I have been working in these fields of counseling, therapy and artistic practice for 25 years. The body and movement often expresses where there are no words for yet, which is why my main interest is the wisdom of moving systems and the choreography of change processes! My goal is to make this potential available for your development through co-creative processes.

My main fields of work has been in the areas of education (universities, further education institutes & independent educational institutions), health care (forensics, psychiatry, psychosomatics, geriatric care), culture and management (dance, theater, performance) and organizational development.

Highlights from my vita

Since 2022 professorship for dance/ movement therapy at the SRH University of applied science/ Heidelberg
2020 Supervision training (LVSC) Inholland Academy
2019 (Co)development KST® Artistic Systemic Therapy
2016 Doctorate at the University of Witten Herdecke
2004 Heilpraktiker for psychotherapy
2000 MA in dance/movement therapy at Columbia College Chicago.